From the heart of Brickell, founded in 2010 by Executive Director and CEO Aleyso Bridger, we are specialist in public relations, digital marketing, corporate communications for global brands, book publishing and content creation in US and Latin America. Today, we are proud to say that our brand continues to walk the path steadily while holding our partner’s hands in the process of achieving success through their highest potential.


At BRIDGER COMMUNICATIONS creativity has no limit. Our goal is to serve our partners and focus them on their specific needs and desires. With authenticity at the forefront, love, responsibility, creativity and our unique negotiation power— together— we set realistic goals. We are persistent with elegance. We are selective but inclusive. We are strategic but fearless. Our clients expect nothing but national and global recognition for their brands.


Our authors have positioned their books as #1 in Puerto Rico and US for more than 6 consecutive weeks, and we have secured return of investment valued in $1.5 million dollars Adamari López, Luis Enrique, Ismael Cala, Jaime Bayly.


We have created and assisted digital campaigns for sales and public relations for brands such as: Century 21, Univision, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster.

In Colombia, we have designed and created digital campaigns for: Cámara Colombiana de la Infraestructura  seccion Norte, Aliss USA, Domicilios 353, Sheila Morataya Enterprises, Vicente Passariello and Papaciencia.


We have planned and hosted events for 600 plus attendees and launched over 30 new products— from books, magazines, store and fine-dining restaurant openings, in US, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic and, Colombia.


Our clients have been featured in local, national and international media outlets such as, Good morning America, The Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, Univision, Telemundo, CNN, NBC, FOX, Vanidades, TV y Novelas, People en Español.

Our authors have positioned their books as #1 in Puerto Rico and US for more than 6 consecutive weeks, and we have secured return of investment valued in $1.5 million dollars Adamari López, Luis Enrique, Ismael Cala, Jaime Bayly



I am Aleyso Bridger, CEO of Bridger Communications. I am writing you from my desk. I am eager to hear your ideas and bring them to life! Since 2010 in the USA I have worked tirelessly to help others make their dreams come to fruition with the creation and implementation of creative marketing . By doing so, I have made my own dream of becoming an entrepreneur my reality. See why I believe in ideas?


My team, our experience in international markets and the results we have created together with our partners, are our best business cards.


My mission is to create something meaningful from the scratch to be able to reach our goals as a team with clear and strong winning strategies.


I have hand-picked the most creative and professional team to create marketing, public relations, communications plans that enhance and highlight the talent of anyone determined to make it in US and/or Latin America.


Together, we develop ideas with specific goals that are reachable. We focus in what your brand’s needs are in detail and follow our plan through completion, always focused in tracking results.


At Bridger Communications we believe in the relevancy of audiovisuals to create impactful strategies that will be remembered. We believe in all forms of new media and we rely on all digital tools to help us reach a broader audience.


Without a doubt, national and global campaigns are my favorite as we work closely with international media outlets to expand our client’s message through the world.


Our team is based in Miami and New York with the support of our creative team based out of Colombia. We have designed and planned events with internationally recognized speakers such as President of Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernández Reyna, musical producer and entrepreneur, Emilio Estefan, President and CEO at Wells Fargo, John Stumpf, President and CEO at Baptist Health, Brian. E. Keely and Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos Álvarez, among other executives.


Now, let me hear about you! How can I help you?

The Team

Enrique Ódreman

Digital Accounts Manager

Rebeca Cequea

Digital Marketing Manager